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Most people assume this movie had the typical low budget costs associated with making a movie. I saw on IMDB that the estimated budget was $200,000. WOW! I wish we had that amount of money to make this film.

The truth is the budget was only $12,000. Everyone who acted in the movie got paid. Everyone else didn’t. $12,000 was the total cast budget at a very VERY low day rate. We had no money for crew, locations, music, etc… I paid for the food out of my own pocket. If it were left up to the other producers everyone would have had to bring their sack lunches. This was a truly independent film with NO budget. With a crew of 4 we all wore many hats during the production of Love & Suicide. The cast even got involved. Whoever was not in the scene at the time held the boom. We begged, borrowed and I called in every favor I was ever owed. This was a community effort where everyone who believed in this movie, gave freely. We were able to get every location for free and the music was negotiated for a piece of the soundtrack sales. Unfortunately, we made the soundtrack when CD’s were about to go by the wayside. When we got distribution the distributor would not distribute the soundtrack. Stating “soundtracks are too risky” and “you can’t make a profit from them.” We were not out to make a profit on the CD we just wanted the musicians to get paid something for their efforts. Sadly, to this day, the soundtrack has not made any money.

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